This site is a portal to all Sister Rose Pacatte’s blogs and online columns and connections. These blogs and columns are about media literacy and media mindfulness, film reviews, grace, pastoral planning for communication  and “ovis et bovis et universae pecore”. I just updated it on December 28, 2017 but the images don’t reflect this. The links are current.


I am a Daughter of St. Paul and the founding director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies in Culver City, CA. In addition to my media literacy/media mindfulness work, I write and review film and television for St. Anthony Messenger, the National Catholic Reporter, RCL/Benziger, The INNdustry with Sr. Rose on the INNetwork (on hiatus as of December 2017) and other outlets. I love being a Daughter of St. Paul and the many facets of our Pauline mission of communicating God’s love though – and about – media and modern communications. The best way to describe our ministry is that it aims to bridge faith and life.


Sr. Rose Pacatte, FSP